Business = Stress

It’s been a long-time dream of mine to own an agency. When I was in high school, I developed a company name and logo, designed our studio space, wrote »

A return to bike racing

A local three-day road cycling event, Tour de Whitehorse, held July 25-27, 2008, marked my formal return to bike racing after a three-year hiatus. Racing bikes is never an easy »

What I’ve learned from running my own business

November marked the ninth month of Subvert Marketing Inc. being open. Business has been extremely good. So good, in fact, that the company is on track to hire a second »

The world's top 10 interactive agencies

While reading Understanding Web Design the other day I realized one of the reasons web design remains misunderstood is because true industry leaders are not given enough praise and recognition »

How to survive (yet another) Whitehorse blackout

For the second time in two weeks, I was forced to abandon work because the power went out. Today the outage lasted longer than previous, just shy of two hours »

Step into my shoes

Wondering what new mobile phone could be in my business future, today I went to the Bell website to see what models are available. Asked to change my province, I »

Links and the power of visual feedback

Today while putting the final touches on a website interface design, I suddenly noticed that something didn’t feel right. At first I couldn’t pinpoint the issue, but after »

A simple step to improve the Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce website

When people arrive at a website, they typically have simple goals and tasks that need to be completed. Whether searching for a document, buying a product or applying for membership »

A new beginning

When my previous blog,, was retired earlier this summer, I instantly had more free time to dedicate to work, family and bikes. Yet, over the past few months »

Rose Music cites downloads as a reason for closure

On the last day of 2006, I posted Yukon technology predictions for 2007. A single forecast - that one of Whitehorse’s last remaining music stores will cease to exist »