Yukon technology predictions for 2007

I humbly offer you my predictions for technology trends that will impact and influence the lives of Yukoners in the coming year: Mobile devices will move from being just for »

Are hosted blogs the future of blogging?

I’ve always hosted Yukonbiz on my own web server, updating the blog software that powers it by myself. When I go through the update process, my blog is typically »

Why are you not working remotely?

After reading a post entitled Why are you not hiring remote workers some of the comments got me to thinking about our current state of employment in the technology, communications »

The real world awaits. And it’s near void of IM

I was recently pointed to an article in the Globe and Mail titled Teens, adults separated by IM gap. In it, the author refers to a poll which states teens »

Christmas and the demise of Yukon shopping

When I first moved to Whitehorse nearly 10 years ago, I did all of my Christmas shopping on Main Street. Stores were lit up with decorations, deals and of course »

How to improve Yukon journalism

The Yukon’s four major newspapers - Yukon News, Whitehorse Star, Klondike Sun and What’s Up Yukon - all make use of the web in one way or another »

New design for Yukonbiz

If you’re reading this in a RSS feed reader, then I encourage you to drop by Yukonbiz.com and view the new design. I’m calling it Back in »

Call to Northwestel and Navigo: Help your customers help themselves

Message boards, discussion groups, newsgroups and bulletin boards. Though they go by many names, forums remain one of the most popular ways to interact on the web, having been in »

Re-designing your website on a yearly basis does not equal a strategy

Having a strategy for your website is a good thing. When yearly re-designs are a significant part of your strategy, or worse yet, the strategy itself, you’re walking down »

Do comments make a blog?

For blogs, a vibrant comments community is just as, if not, more important than the posts themselves. Comments are where readers talk about the subject matter, share their opinions and »