A single place for all of my stuff

December 20, 2014

I finally did something I've been wanting to do for years and that's to scrape together and then consolidate content from all of my various personal blogs and websites, right back to the beginning in 1999.

My objective was to have everything be accessible and maintainable from one single place that I would have complete ownership over for the long-term.

I also could have made this an automated effort and scripted something that would suck in and format all of my content, but again I decided to take the long, slow road and travel back in time at to manually search for, then copy and paste my content, one post at a time into this website.

I made this site with Kirby; a platform I chose due to its utter simplicity and lack of maintenance-heavy technology. I need less technology in my life, not more.

This trip down memory lane was at times funny and interesting, while other moments simply just left me feeling shocked and embarrassed about what I'd published so many years ago. It's pretty clear to see, at least through my eyes, how I've changed over the course of 14 years.

I'd like to think they have been mostly good changes, but it's hard to tell. Best ask my parents or my wife and kids.

I've not yet had time to add images to all of my blog posts and I've still got to fix a whole bunch of links, but at least the text is in place and that's what was most important to me: to have a single place for all of my stuff.