At the end, all you'll have is memories

January 16, 2017

This is something that's been occupying my thoughts as of late.

In the minutes before you die, what will you have left in your possession?

Most likely, simply memories of a life lived.

I say "most likely" because I'm really just guessing. I've heard enough stories from my parents and family to view this as truth as they've been there when people they know and love pass away.

What do these people share most often at the end? Their memories. They want to leave them behind so they become ours and we can do the same when our time comes.

Will my memories be of others with whom I had meaningful relationships and shared experiences? Recollections of conversations had or unfortunately not had? Places I saw and things I did that influenced whom I became? Strangers I helped or regrettably ignored? Good deeds I did or didn't do? Smiles and laughter I shared? Tears and pain that I bore so that someone else could live more freely?

Every morning we awake is another chance to create new memories. Some will stick and others will fade away, but at the end they will be all you have, so make today count.