Getting rid of old keys

May 29, 2012

Today we returned home from a short family vacation to discover that we had not taken spare house keys with us. Luckily, the friends who were checking in on our house were around to return the keys we had leant to them. Phew.

So, as soon as we got settled back into our home, I went straight to our big pile of 18 random keys - the place where all homeless keys go to live - to try and find another spare.

I then proceeded to walk around the house and check all of our locks.None of these keys fit any door.

Which got me to thinking; where did all of these keys come from? I know one is for an old vehicle that we previously owned and another is for a bike lock that I lost long ago, but the others...well, I have no idea.

The thing with old keys is that it's really hard to throw them away. What if one day, by chance, a key suddenly works in some random door that you'd long forgotten about? Or maybe a case? An old box?

I guess, at some point, you just need to commit. Grab the whole pile and toss them all into the garbage (or sell them on eBay, like my grandfather used to do).

But right now, it just seems so risky.Maybe I'll take a couple of days to test some more locks.Y'know, just in case.