Kraft dinner

November 28, 2001

Today I am eating kraft dinner for lunch. Our receptionist, Cheryl, told me that you can now buy kd in microwavable pouches, thus making an already easy, low-nutrition value meal even easier. Can our lives truly get any more cushy? I would think not.

These days we are embarking on tons of new Web site projects, so I am a happy boy. Lots of comps for me to design and when all the cutting up is done, it's off to cold fusion I go. It's fun to be back working on Web sites again; I had spent the last few weeks mostly writing commercial copy for one of our clients and making revisions to some of our bigger sites.

I rode my bike to work today. This morning I got up, gathered all my stuff and then went outside. It was absolutely dumping rain and the winds were a-howlin'. I stood at the entrance to our apartment, saying to myself out loud, "oh man, give me a break." It was anything but inviting. Pain is only weakness leaving the body, right?

So I packed up the car, got in and drove out of the parking lot because, hey, it's only rain. When I arrived at my departure point (about 10 km from home and 22 km from work) the sun was breaking through the clouds and only light drizzle was happening in spots along the road. Needless to say, I had a good ride.