Putting kids first

March 29, 2012

Last night our kids put on their pyjamas early and we sat down as a family to watch some episodes of Little Bear before they went to bed. This is not a regular occurrence, so it was a big treat for them.

After two episodes were over - they are about 10 minutes each - I picked up my phone and starting poking around on Facebook. Our seven year-old daughter crawled over and snuggled up next to me, but I didn't notice she was there. I was much too absorbed in Facebook.

When I suddenly realized she was there, I felt incredibly guilty and shut off my phone, then turned to hold her.What's become of me that I put other peoples' lives, some of whom I barely know, ahead of my family's? That's messed up. And I know that I'm not the only one who does it. A lot of parents do the same things these days.

If our kids see us behaving this way - unplugging from them and plugging into somewhere else that's far less important - what message, especially at such young an age, is this behaviour sending to them? Who will they become because of our detachment? How will it make them feel about themselves?I don't want to risk it anymore. The health - mental, spiritual, emotional and physical - of our family is the most important job I have.

So I'm unplugging.

Not from them, but from everywhere else.