Stuff to do

December 8, 2001

I have a lot of stuff to do, but it's not like I am doing any of it.

Well, yeah. I have a bunch of side projects on the go, like a re-design for Northview community church which is a volunteer design job. I am collaborating with two other guys on the project in which Andrew will do the cold fusion database design and Steve will implement some Flash into the navbars and feature items.

Man, Steve is good stuff. He is probably 15 years old (or younger) and rocks on Flash, way better than I will ever be (or want to be; h1 forever! as the title on this page goes). We have finally established a template for the overall design and now I am ripping out colours for six other sections. I like this site a lot.

I am also doing some big updates to valhallayukon which takes a ton of time too. This site is kind of unwieldly in terms of size, as I was not yet comfortable enough with databases when I designed it. So now it is a huge 150+ page HTML monster. ~I have learned my lesson~.

My pet project, bsxcanada is kinda sitting on the backburner right now because I have a lot to do in the back-end connections. I don't even have an interface yet. For some reason I have been rockin' some good interface designs for work but when I get home I either want to hang out with Shar (number one choice all the time!), ride my bmx bike, read The Fellowship of the Ring (I bought this book on our honeymoon) or maybe just sleep. I would also prefer to figure out the code for bsxcanada rather than pump out interfaces. hmmmm. whatever. And then what else?

Oh yeah, the movie I plan to make in the near future. For my stag party, my friends took me skateboarding and bmx'ing all over Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, stopping in at some sick parks to skate around, consume excessive amounts of sugar and drink imported, illegal cans of Red Bull. Of course, I had to wear a sweet looking green/yellow/pink/red moo-moo all day long and lots of little kids were asking why I was wearing a dress, but it wasn't too bad. I love my friends. Too bad they all live many provinces and countries away. :[

Uh what other side things do I have going on? Well, I started in on a re-design of kwota using dhtml, css and cold fusion, but then I lost interest after a while. So this site will have to do for a bit until I get inspired one day and throw some new design down the old 56k dial-up super pipe.