When friends die

September 27, 2012

Yesterday my friend died. He had brain cancer.

The day before, I went to see him at the hospital. I hadn't seen or talked to him in several months. All I could do was look at him and talk to his wife and daughter because he had been sleeping for several days. Only he knew if our voices could be heard.

I cried, they cried. I put my hand on his heart and prayed with them. It was really hard to be there.

My friend was 20 years my senior. He had just become a grandfather to two beautiful little girls. I met him in early 2003 when we moved back to Whitehorse from Abbotsford, BC. At the time, he was my boss.

As the years went on, he became my mentor.

He also became my friend.

Yesterday he died.

Yesterday, my friend died.