Yes, that moment

June 12, 2006

I'm currently part of a tiny start-up developing what we consider to be a game-changing product.

It has been a challenging experience thus far; planning and building something that's never been done before naturally leads to a considerable amount of stress, uncertainty and doubt.

When you have very few references to base your design decisions on, establishing how a product will look and function is like drawing with your eyes closed and hands tied.

Today I read a short post by the always insightful Seth Godin that left me so inspired and charged up about what we're doing that I wanted to share it:

When you are sitting right on the edge of something daring and scary and creative and powerful and perhaps wonderful...and you blink and take a step back. That's the moment. The moment between you and remarkable. Most people blink. Most people get stuck. All the hard work and preparation and daring and luck is nothing compared with the ability to not blink.

Ah. Thanks, Seth.