Returning to government, in a time of need

April 16, 2020

Not quite a year after leaving government, I'm returning. Our world is in a crisis and I want to help.

Now more than ever, it's important that government services are easy to find and simple to use. This is especially true when we are told to have limited to no contact with other people.

I'm going back to where I began in 2015: a branch called eServices for Citizens. This is the team tasked with leading digital transformation within Government of Yukon.

Except this time, I'm not starting from scratch nor by myself. I will have amazing colleagues and support, both in eServices and across government. Our tools, standards, techniques, staffing and authority have all finally aligned.

Saying goodbye to start-up life

My time at Proskida was interesting, fast-paced and fun.

As I wrote in Introducing (or what I've been doing for the past six months) we had a crazy idea and brought that product to market. The Proskida team is now selling and will continue to make improvements to during summer and beyond.

This winter I was privileged to travel to Panorama, Kimberley and Whistler, BC to conduct user research and work with customers to make better. I stood alongside the world's best alpine ski racers, coaches and other team staff. I got to see first-hand how these elite level athletes train, prepare and race.

To Alastair and my team-mates at Proskida, thank you for the opportunity and best wishes for the future. You're onto something special and I hope it pans out.

Continuing the journey

I'm excited about returning to government and continuing my journey there.

My desire to build government services that are simpler, clearer and faster for everyone stayed strong, even after I left. I want to help, and this is the right moment to do so.