We're hiring more service delivery managers

November 3, 2021

At work I'm part of an amazing team with the mission to make Yukon government services better for everyone.

If you're tired of big city life and seek adventure in a beautiful wilderness city in Canada's north, we're hiring for the role of service delivery manager.

Our team doesn't grow very often, so this is your opportunity to be part of something exciting and do meaningful work. For example, in the past year we've:

  • Made it possible for landlords to apply for rent assistance payments on behalf of tenants who can’t work and pay what's owed due to COVID-19;
  • enabled people to book their own vaccination appointments online for themselves and family. This is especially valuable in the north to avoid waiting in line and standing in the cold;
  • made the lives of nurses easier and less chaotic to manage crowds at immunization clinics; and
  • empowered you to get medical test results online, avoiding having to phone anyone or wait for a letter to arrive in the mail.

There's a lot more we've done, but this hopefully gives you an idea of what you'll be working on at eServices.

The job posting will close on November 15, 2021.