The simple joys of bike commuting

December 24, 2018

I ride my bike to and from work at least three times per week. It's about 8 km per way, depending on the route I choose to follow. In winter, I ride my fat bike. In summer, spring and autumn, my Cove.

Sometimes commuting by bike is hard, especially when it's cold, windy or if it's cold, windy and raining (snow is fun). That said, every time I do it, no matter the weather I feel my spirit lift and my burdens decrease.

Turns out, commuting by bike is good for the soul.

Today I stopped and took this photo today on my way home. Not only because it's Christmas Eve, but also the sun was breaking through the clouds and freshly fallen snow was upon the ground. It was a beautiful sight.

The simple joys of bike commuting
Half-way home

Life goes by too fast. Remember to enjoy the simple, little things.

Merry Christmas everyone.