And now for something completely different

January 29, 2022

I’m excited to announce that I’m going to be taking on a new role at the Government of Yukon. I will be the Manager of Visitor Services in the Department of Tourism and Culture.

I'll be overseeing our visitor information centres and their staff throughout the Yukon. Another duty is the strategy and management of regional and community tourism initiatives. Our unit also includes the delivery of the government’s central photography service.

Haines Junction Visitor Information Centre
Haines Junction Visitor Information Centre (Da Ku Cultural Center). Photo credit: Tripadvisor.

I am sad to leave the eServices team. This is a group of talented, passionate and caring people. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the pace, volume and scale of work at eServices has increased dramatically. It’s been a wild ride.

This will be my first job in over 20 years that doesn’t have a major online focus. Instead, it’s about people, relationships, infrastructure and government program delivery.

That said, the department is keen to modernize visitor services with more digital touchpoints. They are open to considering where and how visitor services can support a changing user journey.

At this point in my career which includes an outdoor recreation and tourism degree, I’m seeking more leadership opportunities. Also, the thrill (and joyful terror) of doing something completely different.

2 weeks from now, I will bid farewell to the team at eServices.

I wish my colleagues – whom I'm also proud to call my friends – all the best.